Main Ring Gate Jumping Competition

The competition will be pre-entry with limited entries and is only open to people who compete at this level or regularly hunt.

Don’t be put off by the ‘professionals’.  This year we will have two gate jumping classes.  The first class is for any Unaffiliated horse that has never jumped higher than 110cm and the second class is for any horse that has jumped higher than 110cm Affiliated

Cash First Prizes

They must be dressed in full Show Jumping or Hunting attire and a crash hat is compulsory. The aim of the competition is to jump the gate without knocking it down. If it falls you may only continue jumping if you remove one item of clothing! (Crash hats may not be removed.) The winner will be the person to jump the highest gate with the most clothes still on!!

The gate will start at approximately 3ft (90cm) and will rise each round.

Secretary – Caroline Heard – 07917 753943